Refund and Cancellation Policy

Please consult this refund policy carefully, before placing your order with GetReviews. The terms and conditions outlined below provide a full overview of the circumstances within which the customer may request a full or partial refund of the initial purchase price of the products/services ordered.

The customer acknowledges and accepts that refund requests are only considered where GetReviews fails to deliver the products/services ordered within the specified period of time.

Upon placing an order for any of the products or services provided by GetReviews, you expressly agree to all terms and conditions set out in this refund policy. If you require clarification of any of the information in this document, please contact a member of the team at GetReviews before placing your order.

All refunds are provided purely at the discretion of GetReviews, and we reserve the right to alter or withdraw this refund policy in its entirety at any time.

Eligibility for Refunds

Refund eligibility is limited exclusively to customers who do not receive the products or services they ordered within the specified period of time, due to circumstances within the control of GetReviews. If your order is not delivered as promised due to any combination of actions or inactions on our part, you will be able to request a full or partial refund.

Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to notify GetReviews as quickly as possible, in the event of any delays or disruptions to the delivery process. Dissatisfactions or concerns regarding the promptness of quality of the services provided should be brought to the attention of our customer support team at the earliest possible stage.

Where possible, we will attempt to reach a mutually amicable solution with every customer, in order to ensure the products and services they need are provided and the outcome is satisfactory. Offers of refunds (full or partial) will be made entirely at the discretion of GetReviews, on the condition that any issues encountered are brought to our attention in a timely manner.

All refund requests should be submitted by e-mail to our customer support team at the usual address.

Exemptions and Exclusions

Please note that our refund policy does not apply in the event of service delays or disruptions due to circumstances beyond our direct control. This includes unforeseen issues with the social networks themselves, or any network or connectivity issues beyond our control that prevent us from fulfilling our obligations. The customer acknowledges and accepts that in such instances, we are under no obligation to provide a full or partial refund at any time.

In addition, any actions or activities on the part of the customer that breach the terms and conditions set out by GetReviews shall render our refund policy null and void. We therefore strongly advise consulting our user agreement and general site terms and conditions in full, before placing your order.

Can I Cancel My Order?

The customer has the right to cancel the order and request a refund, up until the point their order has been processed on our side and the delivery process has commenced. Once the order has been processed and formally confirmed, GetReviews is under no obligation to offer a full or partial refund for any reason.

We, therefore, ask that if you wish to cancel your order, you do so as quickly as possible after completing the purchase process online. Contact a member of our customer support team by email to request cancellation of your order and we will process your request accordingly.

Contact the Team

Once again, we ask that you reach out to our customer support team if you would like clarification of any of the terms and conditions outlined in this refund policy.

Likewise, if you would like to request a refund for any reason, please do so at the earliest possible juncture to ensure a swift resolution.

Please also consult all other terms and conditions published on the GetReviews website, before placing your order.

This refund policy is up to date and correct as of August 2023.